Sunday January 17, 2016

A busy day for the Goshen Fire Company's fire crew.  The morning started out with a dispatch for both stations for an outside odor of gas in East Goshen Twp.  E54-2 checked the area with nothing found.  Later in the morning, the companies were dispatched for smoke in a dwelling in East Goshen Twp.  Upon arrival, crews found a home charged with smoke do to a heater malfunction.  Crews were able to gain entry and secure the heater and set to work on removing the smoke from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  Units responding were E54-2, Tower 54, and Ladder 56.  Malvern's Ladder 4 was also requested to assist with the ventilation.  Later in the afternoon, the companies were dispatched to Route 202 for the vehicle fire.  E56 arrived on-scene with a mini-van fully involved just over the border in West Whiteland Twp.  Crews immediately stretched the bumper line off the engine and began to extinguish the fire.  E54-2 arrived and provided additional manpower.  After clearing this vehicle fire, crews were restoring equipment back at the station when they were dispatched for a residential automatic fire alarm in Willistown Twp.  E54-2 and Ladder 56 made the response and determined it to be a false alarm.