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Congratulations Grant Everhart
Congratulations Grant Everhart

Congratulations to Grant Everhart for retiring as fire chief after 28 years of service. It was a great night celebrating with my fire house family.

2015 Pierce Tower 54
2015 Pierce Tower 54

After 12 years of reliable service the existing Tower 54 is being replaced by a new truck. The new Tower 54 will be a 2015 Pierce Tower Ladder on an Arrow XT chassis. The truck will having seating for six firefighters and will carry a large selection of ground ladders. The truck will have a 2000GPM pump and a small water tank along with two pre-connected hose lines in the event they are needed. The new tower will have a large compliment of firefighting tools such as fans, hooks, ladders, tarps and other equipment. We expect the truck to be delivered by the end of May.

The existing truck was sold to Milford Fire Company.



Added 3/30/2015

029_trays 030_controls 031_rear 032_side 033_front 034_ladder 035_trunion 036_turntable 037_turntable 038_controls 039_ladder 040_ladder 041_basket 042_basket

Added 3/23/2015

023_front 024_pump 025_turntable 028_bumper 026_rear 027_rear

Added 3/9/2015

The following pictures show the torque box sub assembly process. Later pictures show the completed assembly installed in the truck. The body is going down its sub assembly line. The water tank has arrived.

017_middle 018_middle 019_rear 020_rear 021_rear 022_tank

Added 2/28/2015

The following pictures show the chassis going down the chassis sub assembly line. During this process the components related to the chassis are installed. Near the end of this line the cab and pump house will be installed. The painted cab module is going down the cab sub assembly line where wiring harnesses, lighting, instrument and switch panels, seats and windows are installed. The cab will go thru electrical output testing before being installed on the chassis. Pictures of the cab and pump house installed on the chassis will be on the next report. The pump house module has arrived and is staged for installation. The torque box weldment has arrived and will be going thru its own sub assembly process before being installed on the chassis.

008_chasis 009_motor 010_rear 011_motor 012_cab 013_cab 014_cab 015_cab 016_pump

Added 2/21/2015

005_body 007_body

Added 2/7/2015

001_front 002_side 003_back 004_pump

Goshen Fire Company Annual Awards Banquet 4/13/19
Goshen Fire Company Annual Awards Banquet 4/13/19

The Goshen Fire Company held its annual awards banquet on Saturday April 13th at Penn Oaks Country Club. The following awards were presented:


President’s Award Ted Harrison III

Fire Police Officer of the Year Jason Grothmann

EMS Person of the Year Gary Weigel (accepting is Jill Weigel, Gary’s daughter)

Firefighter of the Year Christian Juliano

Fire Chief’s Award Alexi Barnada (accepting is Sierra McKinney)


Those receiving years of service awards included:

Amanda Demarco

Thorsten Cassel

Steve Hiro

Bob Horton

Jake Shallack

Scott Sherborne

Jack Smith

Susan Smith

Sunday January 17, 2016
Sunday January 17, 2016

A busy day for the Goshen Fire Company's fire crew.  The morning started out with a dispatch for both stations for an outside odor of gas in East Goshen Twp.  E54-2 checked the area with nothing found.  Later in the morning, the companies were dispatched for smoke in a dwelling in East Goshen Twp.  Upon arrival, crews found a home charged with smoke do to a heater malfunction.  Crews were able to gain entry and secure the heater and set to work on removing the smoke from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  Units responding were E54-2, Tower 54, and Ladder 56.  Malvern's Ladder 4 was also requested to assist with the ventilation.  Later in the afternoon, the companies were dispatched to Route 202 for the vehicle fire.  E56 arrived on-scene with a mini-van fully involved just over the border in West Whiteland Twp.  Crews immediately stretched the bumper line off the engine and began to extinguish the fire.  E54-2 arrived and provided additional manpower.  After clearing this vehicle fire, crews were restoring equipment back at the station when they were dispatched for a residential automatic fire alarm in Willistown Twp.  E54-2 and Ladder 56 made the response and determined it to be a false alarm.

House Fire 3/16/2016
House Fire 3/16/2016

On 16 March 2016 stations 54/56, 52 and Delco 41 were dispatched to Westtown Twp. for a report of smoke showing from a dwelling.  Capt 54 went on scene with fire through the roof.  Due to the initial fire volume and remote water supply, a 2nd alarm was requested.  E54-1 made an initial attack with a 1.75" hand line.  E52-2 picked-up the hydrant and established a water supply w/ assistance from DELCO E46.  Once the water supply was established, a knock-down was made by LAD56's master stream, followed by an interior attack using two 1.75" lines (crews from E54-1, & DELCO companies 41 & 46).  A third 1.75" line was stretched by E54-2's crew to extinguish fire in the garage area.  A fourth & fifth 1.75" line were stretched to the rear of the structure by crews from WCFD & DELCO companies 46 & 59 to protect fire from spreading from the front portion of the structure (former vet clinic) to the residence attached to the rear.  Personnel from E3-1 and DELCO company 71 assisted with overhaul operations.  PECO controlled utilities.  Fire was placed under control and County and PSP Fire Marshal's handled the investigation.  Once the investigation was complete, crews used CAFS to coat remaining hot spots before taking up.

Companies on-scene included  Chester Co. 54/56 (Goshen), 53, 52, 51 (West Chester), 3 (Paoli), and EMS from station 4 (Malvern) & Medic 91 (Chester Co. Hospital) and  Delco companies 41 (Newtown Square), 46 (Rocky Run), DELCO 71 (Chester Heights), & 59 (Concordville).  Thank you to all mutual aid assistance.

Also, thank you to the stand-bys at station 54 who were Tower 47 (Lionville), E61 (Kimberton), & 55 ambulance (Goodfellowship) and at 56 was E46 (Downingtown).

While battling the house fire, the Goshen Fire Company was also dispatched for a building fire in East Goshen Twp which turned out to be a dryer vent.  Later in the day, the Goshen Fire Company also handled an automatic fire alarm in West Goshen Twp. and a vehicle leaking fuel in Willistown Twp.

3/22/16 Building Fire Assist to West Chester
3/22/16 Building Fire Assist to West Chester

Early this morning, Tower 54 was dispatched to cover West Chester stations while they operated at a HazMat incident in West Chester Borough.  A short time later, Tower 54, along with Engines 46-2, 25-2, and 6-1, and Rescue 39 were alerted covering for stations 51, 52, and 53, for a smoke in the building call in West Chester Borough.  Upon arrival, crews found a smoke condition and immediately completed searches evacuating all occupants while making an aggressive attack on active fire conditions on the first floor.  Great job to all involved!

Congratulations to Deputy Chief Chris O'Neill for completing Fire Officer II
Congratulations to Deputy Chief Chris O'Neill for completing Fire Officer II

Congratulations to Deputy Chief Chris O'Neill for completing Fire Officer II Certification at the Montgomery County Fire Academy.

Wednesday March 23, 2016 Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment
Wednesday March 23, 2016 Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment

On 23 March 2016 at approx 1447 hours stations 54 and 56 with medic 91 were dispatched to Route 926 in the area of Penns Grant Lane for an accident with entrapment. Upon arrival of AMB542 crews met with Delco 59 (Concordville) and Delco 64 (Edgemont) who were already on the scene. Rescue 54 assisted Delco 59 and Delco 64 with a significant entrapment call. The driver of the automobile was trapped for about 30 minutes. Crews also worked to contain a fuel spill of about 50 to 75 gallons of a combination of diesel fuel and hydraulic oil that leaked from a box truck. PennDot was contacted for sand and the Chester County Haz Mat team 15 also assisted. This was a large scene as the truck that was leaking fuel was about 100 feet away from the automobile where the driver was trapped. While crews worked to free the trapped victim as additional members contained the leak and stopped the leak from getting into a near by storm drain. The road was closed for closed for about 2 hours until clean up was completed. Great job to all units involved.

Earlier this same day, Rescue 54 & Engine 56 handled another auto accident with entrapment in Westtown Township.  The Goshen Fire crews also handled a brush fire this same date late in the afternoon in Westtown Township.  Brush 56 and Engine 54-2 handled the 50 square foot area that was burning and spreading.

(pictures from Kerri Barrett).

4/9/2016 Forcible Entry Class
4/9/2016 Forcible Entry Class

A few members from Goshen enhanced their skills at Forcible Entry Specialist class held in Harrisburg with some great guys and extremely knowledgable instructors!!

Newtown Square Fire Company 100th Anniversary Parade
Newtown Square Fire Company 100th Anniversary Parade

Goshen Fire Company participated in the Newtown Square Fire Company 100th Anniversary Parade on Saturday June 4th, 2016.   Our dedicated was rewarded with first place with Tower 54, Rescue 54, and Ladder 56.  We also achieved 2nd Place Best Appearing Company!  Thanks to all our member's hard work in preparation for this event.  We are proud of our members and blessed with our amazing equipment.  Photo credit goes to IrishEyez Photography.

9/26/2016 Commercial Appliance Fire

The morning of 9/26/2016 just after 2AM, stations 54/56 were dispatched for a fire alarm triggered by a smoke detector at a commercial facility. A couple minutes later PD confirmed smoke in the laundry room. Engine 54-1 arrived and immediately deployed an 1 3/4 crosslay handline and made a quick knock on a small appliance fire. Extensive operation followed to clear the smoke from the building. Job well done again by all. Thanks to mutual aid stations 2, 6, 52, and 53. Good reminder smoke detectors work!


The Goshen Fire Company is looking for many new members to support our mission. We have many different types of membership that we are looking to fill for our community’s needs. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call us at 610-430-1554 ext 4 or you can email us at gfc@goshenfireco.org and speak to an officer or you can even stop by to get the information you are looking for. You do not to be certified to join nor do you need to live with-in our response area to be a member! We will provide the proper training and equipment that you need.

 The first step to joining the department is to submit a membership application and bring it to the fire company during any Monday of any month at 7pm. Our station is located at 1320 Park Avenue, West Chester, PA. When you turn in your application with a $5 fee, a background check will be performed which usually takes about thirty (30) days.

Applications can be found at: http://goshenfireco.org/about/volunteer-now/ (application on the right-hand side of the website)

After being accepted as a member, an officer will go over the orientation program with you and in the mean time you must complete a physical in which the fire company covers the expense for. You will be shown the equipment and the lay out of the apparatus and explained the general rules of our organization. 
From there, you work towards the training level you wish to obtain for the membership category that you choose to be under. The types of membership are:

 1) Active Member, this is when you become an active member of our daily operations. Within the active member are many roles:
a. Junior Firefight or Junior EMS attendant* (16-18 years or age)
b. Firefighter (18 years of age + with the proper training qualifications)
c. Special Fire Police Officers
d. EMS attendant (basic first aid and CPR)
e. Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
f. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
g. Emergency Vehicle Operator/Engineer
h. As you progress through your time other officer ranks could be available.
To be active on the ambulance, you’ll need to have basic first aid and CPR that we will provide you. After you are comfortable with being an attendant we will send you to training to obtain your EMR or EMT certification.

2) If you are not comfortable taking part in the operations, there are plenty of support position available throughout the administrative and operational divisions.
a. Board of directors (elected position)
b. Treasurer
c. Assistant treasurer
d. Relief association members 

Anyone that is interested in becoming a member of our company, I encourage you to stop by and check us out. Our business is a life changing experience and is something that we are all proud of!

 Thanks for your support!
-The officers and members of the Goshen Fire Company