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Chief54-20Gary Weigel
Assistant ChiefSusan Smith
CaptainScott Sherbourne
LieutenantBrian Eberle
LieutenantBrett Sherbourne
Deputy Chief of AdministrationRichard Grothmann
Kevin Battavio Kevin Beans Lawrence Bengough Jr.
Ariel Benites Dennis Bisson Thomas Brady
William Cairns Daniel Caldwell Thorsten Cassel
William Castoldi Richard Constantine Mike Conway
Kailee Coonan Alexa DeNicola Thomas Dobbins
Richard Franks Michaela Freney Zoe Greenberg
George Guyer Kaylee Haws Robert Horton
Ashley Hrybenko Erin Kirk Benjamin Koehler
Amber Lubker David Meadows Vincent Miller
Aimee Moore Benjamin Mucha Andrew Naimoli
Stephen Nuse Kevin O'Connell Christopher Oberholzer
Christopher ONeill Ryan Opiekun Hannah Overholtzer
Timothy Peters Anthony Pizzi Stacey Pizzi
Christopher Plumley Justin Richway Zachary Ruth
Andrew Rychlak Ronald Schlecht Shaun Semmeles
David Shainline Katelyn Silva Kevin Skymba
Brianne Smith Dennis Szweda Michael Washlick
JimmyLee Watts Michael Wells Thomas Yervelli
Tiffany Zavitsky
Italics indicate Career Staff
asterisk(*) indicates Active Military
As of August 2022