The Goshen Fire Company is looking for many new members to support our mission. We have many different types of membership that we are looking to fill for our community’s needs. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call us at 610-430-1554 ext 4 or you can email us at gfc@goshenfireco.org and speak to an officer or you can even stop by to get the information you are looking for. You do not to be certified to join nor do you need to live with-in our response area to be a member! We will provide the proper training and equipment that you need.

 The first step to joining the department is to submit a membership application and bring it to the fire company during any Monday of any month at 7pm. Our station is located at 1320 Park Avenue, West Chester, PA. When you turn in your application with a $5 fee, a background check will be performed which usually takes about thirty (30) days.

Applications can be found at: http://goshenfireco.org/about/volunteer-now/ (application on the right-hand side of the website)

After being accepted as a member, an officer will go over the orientation program with you and in the mean time you must complete a physical in which the fire company covers the expense for. You will be shown the equipment and the lay out of the apparatus and explained the general rules of our organization. 
From there, you work towards the training level you wish to obtain for the membership category that you choose to be under. The types of membership are:

 1) Active Member, this is when you become an active member of our daily operations. Within the active member are many roles:
a. Junior Firefight or Junior EMS attendant* (16-18 years or age)
b. Firefighter (18 years of age + with the proper training qualifications)
c. Special Fire Police Officers
d. EMS attendant (basic first aid and CPR)
e. Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
f. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
g. Emergency Vehicle Operator/Engineer
h. As you progress through your time other officer ranks could be available.
To be active on the ambulance, you’ll need to have basic first aid and CPR that we will provide you. After you are comfortable with being an attendant we will send you to training to obtain your EMR or EMT certification.

2) If you are not comfortable taking part in the operations, there are plenty of support position available throughout the administrative and operational divisions.
a. Board of directors (elected position)
b. Treasurer
c. Assistant treasurer
d. Relief association members 

Anyone that is interested in becoming a member of our company, I encourage you to stop by and check us out. Our business is a life changing experience and is something that we are all proud of!

 Thanks for your support!
-The officers and members of the Goshen Fire Company