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Goshen Fire Company has provided emergency services since 1950 to the residents of East Goshen and surrounding townships.

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Monday December 16 (Station 54)
- Active crew party
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Month Fire EMS FP
Total 548 3324 395
Previous Years
Year Fire EMS FP
2015 623 3600 518
2014 632 3645 522
2013 534 3200 490
2012 617 3442 554
2011 747 3468 555
2010 718 3139 671
2009 646 2982 631
2008 749 3162 750
2007 637 2949 630
2006 636 2701 624
2005 691 2496 638
2004 908 2336 592
2003 742 2318 679
2002 653 2231 571
2001 666 2098 627
2000 2152 625
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Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Visits Goshen Fire Company

Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Visits Goshen Fire Company
On October 3, 2019, Goshen Fire Company had the privilege to have Bruce Trego, State Fire Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, visit our Park Avenue fire station. During the visit Fire Company President Bob Fleming and Fire Chief Grant Everhart discussed how the support of the Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) and Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (PSFA) have enabled the fire company to enhance our operational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety... read more

2019 Annual Subscription Fund Drive

Please do not delay in becoming a subscriber. Help us to continue to serve our community. Subscriptions begin January 1st or upon receipt of subscription payment, whichever is later. ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS EXPIRE DECEMBER 31st of every year. Subscription letters are mailed on December 1st and reminders are mailed on February 15th. If you have not received a letter and would like to subscribe or donate, please send your name and address in an email to ambulancebilling@goshenfireco.org... read more

2019 Goshen Fire Company 15 Week Club 9/15/19 - 12/22/19

The 15-Week Club is a Goshen Fire Company tradition. It is a weekly drawing where you can win cash prizes, all while benefiting your local fire company. We are volunteers who protect your homes and businesses and are responsible for raising around 80% of our operating costs and the 15-Week Club is one way we do that. Click here for the brochure. Winning ticket numbers inside article.... read more


The Goshen Fire Company is looking for many new members to support our mission. We have many different types of membership that we are looking to fill for our community’s needs. If you are interested in becoming a member, please call us at 610-430-1554 ext 4 or you can email us at gfc@goshenfireco.org and speak to an officer or you can even stop by to ge... read more