Updates for week of February 5, 2017



Outstanding job to ALL who responded to the fire last night. You performed flawlessly and the actions of the team saved the house. Great job. The officers are proud of your hard work.  


The GFC is having a "fire sale" of all of the old t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, sweat pants, and shorts in stock in the fire company store. See Dave Thompson tomorrow night prior to the company meeting if you would to purchase some great fire company apparel at rock bottom prices! Hats are 2 bucks, T-shirts are 3 bucks and hoodies are 5 bucks! Bring 10 bucks and walk away with a hat, t shirt and a hoodie! 


Thanks to Ryan Smith for the great educational training class last week about the Tesla cars. I think we all learned something from the information provided by Ryan. Thank you Ryan. 


Reminder tomorrow is the monthly meeting as well as Board of Directors nominations. 


Don't forget to schedule your physical. 


The annual Banquet is April 8th at 6pm at Hershey Mill's Country Club. 


All members who drive any fire company vehicle are asked to please give a copy of your current driver's license to Christina Mann.


Reminder about the two up-coming EMS classes. East Whiteland is hosting a PHTLS on April 8th and 9th and Goshen is hosting an ACLS for EMTs at station 56 on May 6th. Please see an EMS officer if you would like to attend either of these classes. These classes are at no cost to you and EMT's obtain CEUs for each class. 


See attached posting for a FF/EMT job opportunity. 


Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT

Tinicum Township Fire Company is accepting applications for the position of career Firefighter / EMT

GENERAL PURPOSE: Protect life and property by performing firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, and Fire Prevention duties. Perform maintenance of fire equipment, apparatus, and facilities as outlined by the Supervisor and/or Executive Board of the Fire Company.


Required Minimal Qualifications

• 21 years of age upon completion of application

• High School diploma or GED

• 3 years of combined firefighting and EMS experience

• No Criminal Record

• Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and clean driving record over the last 3yrs

• Firefighter I ( Pro-Board/IFSAC)

• Current EMT-B certification or higher with CPR/AED for health care providers

•Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC)

• Haz-Mat Operations with annual update

• Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician (VRT)

•National Incident Management System (NIMS) 100,200,700 and 800

For applications please use our website and visit the “Downloads” or you may pick up an application at Station 48. Applications may be placed in the mail box in front of Sta.48 or may be hand delivered to any Career Staff Member only. Application deadline is February 16, 2017 at 1400 hours. No phone calls please.


In an attempt to make communications better we created the following group emails: 


engineers@goshenfireco.org this email goes to the entire engineering staff. 

emsofficers@goshenfireco.org this email goes to all of the EMS officers.

fireofficers@goshenfireco.org this email goes to all of the Fire line officers (including chief officers).

chiefofficers@goshenfireco.org this email goes to the Chief Officers.  


Reminder to pay your dues for 2017. 


Kettlebell weekly workouts continue to be posted on the whiteboard at 54. Due to the low attendance I've decided to post the workout so you can do it at your leisure. If you have any questions about the workouts or need to see a demo of one of the movements please do not hesitate to ask me. 


If you have a uniform issue, see your division contacts:  


Fire contact is Amanda DeMarco: amanda.demarco@goshenfireco.org

EMS contact is Kaitlyn Mulligan: kaitlyn.mulligan@goshenfireco.org

Administrative contact is John Manley: jam31753@comcast.net

Fire Police contact is Bob Sullivan: rts1121@verizon.net 








Great job to all of those who responded to the house fire at 1012 Garrett Mill Road. It was a complicated incident due to water issues and a long driveway. If anyone has a hour or so to spare Engine 54-1 could use a little more cleaning. 


Also we will need to repack some of the supply line tomorrow evening if manpower is available.  





EMS OIC this week is Lieutenant Brian Eberle.  Please use the EMS OIC phone number for any issues: (484) 402-4504.


Ambulance licensure/Certs required:

The officers are working on making sure our rigs are checked and ready to be inspected by the PA DOH for our tri-annual inspection.  This inspection requires an overview of policies, current crew member certifications along with a check of each ambulance for equipment.  The officers will be going over the ambulances and we ask that you make sure whatever you take out on a call you replace.  If you notice we are low with supplies, replace it.  In the mean time, I'm merging the ambulance office files with the fire office files for consistency -- if I can't find a cert I need from you I will be asking for it -- please forward them ASAP!  If you've recieved a new cert within the last two years- send them my way! Joe.Miles@goshenfireco.org ... Big things is EMT/EMR, CPR, EVOC, BBP and HazMat.


Stryker Stretcher power-LOAD system:

This is a friendly reminder regarding the use of the Stryker Stretcher power-LOAD.  When you remove the stretcher from the ambulance, please be sure to put the power-LOAD lift back into the ambulance and shut the doors before walking away; This goes for while being on scene and while at the hospital.


Each device for each ambulance cost the fire company well over $20,000 a piece and we have it for your safety and the patients safety.  I know at times it hiccups, but when it comes to saving your back and preventing a patient from tipping over it is a win-win for everyone.


I have a fear that someone may run into the back of the ambulance with a vehicle or attempt to play with it, or the force of mother nature may slam a door shut with the wind breaking this very expensive device.


If you have any questions, please let me know.  Appreciate your assistance in this matter.


Open shifts:

Mon Feb 6- Covering career staff 5p-10p at 56, driver or EMT

Tue Feb 7- 6p-11p, full crew

Thu Feb 9- Covering career staff 3p-10p at 56, driver or EMT

Thu Feb 9- 6p-11p, full crew

Fri Feb 10- 6p-11p, full crew

Sat Feb 10, 6a-6p, full crew to complete second truck

Sat Feb 10, 6p-11p, EMT at a minimum plus a full crew to complete a second truck

Sat Feb 10, 10p-6a, full crew at a minimum plus a full crew to complete a second truck

Sun Feb 11, Covering career staff 6a-8a at 56, driver or EMT

Sun Feb 11, 6p-11p, full crew to complete a second truck

Sun Feb 11, 10p-6p, EMT or driver at a minimum plus a full crew to complete a second truck


Email from Ambulance Association in regards to increase request for medical assistance reimbursements.


Representative Martin Causer has sent a memo requesting co-sponsorship for a 50% Medical Assistance increase for EMS (See below).  Please contact your state representative and ask them to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation!


Just a simple phone call or email, asking for their support/co-sponsorship would be great.


Dear :


Please consider signing on to sponsor Representative Causer’s legislation for an increase in Medical Assistance reimbursement to assist EMS services across this Commonwealth who are failing due to below cost reimbursement.  It would be greatly appreciated.








Posted: January 4, 2017 2:04 PM

To:       All House Members

From:   Representative Martin T. Causer

Subject:            Medicaid Reimbursement Increase for Emergency Medical Services


In the near future, I will be introducing legislation to require an increase in the reimbursement rate under Medicaid for the provision of emergency medical services.


EMS providers have not received an increase in reimbursement for transporting individuals covered by Medicaid since 2004.  The current rates for Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) are $200 and $120 per trip, respectively.  These rates are over 200% below Medicare and commercial insurance reimbursements and do not come close to covering the real cost of transporting Medicaid patients.


Legislative efforts have been underway for many years aimed at enhancing the payment process between EMS providers and commercial insurers.  These initiatives have been largely driven by the recognition that the current EMS network is severely strained financially, primarily as a result of woefully inadequate rate reimbursement for Medicaid patients.  EMS providers truly are the first line of contact when it comes to the emergency medical care Pennsylvanians receive and it is critical these organization are properly reimbursed for the life-saving services they provide.


I am proposing increasing the rates for the 2017-2018 budget by 50%, which would have a fiscal impact of approximately $16 million.  In 2004, EMS Medicaid reimbursement rates were increased for the first time in 25 years.  Given the time that has elapsed since the last increase and the ever growing population of Pennsylvanians coved by Medicaid, it is beyond time the General Assembly increase EMS Medicaid reimbursement rates for ALS and BLS transport.


Please consider joining me in sponsoring this important EMS initiative.





February 2017


2/6: Company meeting, board nominations. 

2/13: WCFTC

2/20: Sprinklers (Chief Everhart)

2/27: SCBA annual recert (all officers)

2/27: EMS con-ed: ALS assist class (Station 54)


March 2017


3/6: Company meeting, board elections. 

3/13: WCFTC

3/20: Sexual Harassment training (Bob Hall)

3/25: Paratech rescue strut training at 54 (8am to noon) Saturday (DC DiNunzio, AC Will)

3/27: First Aid/ CPR (tentative instructors). Those that don't need CPR / First Aid there will be a demo at station 54 on a new device meant for RIT. Seehttps://fastrescue-solutions.myshopify.com/


April 2017


4/3: Company Meeting

4/10: WCFTC

4/17: Vehicle rescue (DC DiNunzio, AC Will, BC Horton)

4/24: Ropes and Knots (County)

4/24: EMS con-ed at station 54: Topic TBD


May 2016


5/1: Company meeting

5/6: EMS training at station 56 (Saturday) ACLS for EMTs. Starting at 8am



Bold: Mandatory. 



Gerry DiNunzio, Jr
Deputy Chief
Goshen Fire Company